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Welcome to LeoCraft!

Thank you for joining LeoCraft!  We are a new, but ever-expanding Network packed full of every feature you may need or want to ensure you have the greatest experience across the board. While we are a fairly new network, we believe in delivering the highest standard of a multiplayer experience. 

We are always told how it seems we're a much older Network because of the sheer amount of polish and detail we have put into the server. iRandomness and ShinyPorygon have had years of experience in staffing other top Minecraft Networks, and have teamed together to use their knowledge in delivering the optimum experience for you, the player.

Network IPs

LeoCraft Hub

Pixelmon: Reforged

FTB: Revelation


About Us

Here at LeoCraft we are dedicated to the player (You!) We believe that you can have a community without having rules so rough that it just loses some of the fun. LeoCraft was founded on August 13th, 2019 by iRandomness. The goal of founding this server is to create a friendly community that people would remember. Our staff team here at LeoCraft are here to help you and play alongside everyone else. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask in chat if you see a staff member on, or even possibly another player may be able to help you! And if you need a staff member and one isn't on, feel free to ping us on Discord! The LeoCraft Network is always intending on expanding more and more, but not without being perfect first. We believe in quality over quantity. Our promise to you is that we will never release a new server without believing everything that is already on the Network is already running perfectly.